ID-233 Progress Report

Lesson Diary

DateClassworkHomeworkSubmittedCheckedGiven Back to Parents
October 21, 2020Expanding BracketsExpanding BracketsYesYes
November 29, 2020ScienceScience
November 22 2020Measurements
November 21 2020Science
November 15, 2020LCM,HCF,Area of Triangle and Measurements
November 14, 2020Book 2(Assessment)
November 08, 2020Assessment(Book 2(27%))
Book 3(Page 1-37)
November 07, 2020Angles
November 01, 2020AlgebraBook 3(Page 1-27) and Periodic Table
October 31, 2020Book 3(Page 1-23)LCM and HCF and Periodic Table(Assessment)
October 25, 2020Collecting like TermsCollecting like TermsYesYesYes
October 24, 2020Expanding Brackets
cheechooID-233 Progress Report