ID-423 Progress Report

Lesson Diary

DateClassworkHomeworkSubmittedCheckedGiven Back to Parents
October 19, 2020Proper to Improper FractionsPage#27
December 05, 2020Similar Shapes
December 03, 2020MeasurementsArithmetic Paper
November 30, 2020Rounding and SPaG
November 28, 2020RearrangingInequality Region
November 23, 2020Arithmetic PaperArithmetic Paper
November 21, 2020SOH CAH TOA
Making Subject
Making Subject
November 16, 2020FractionsSPaG Paper
November 12, 2020FactorsArithmetic Paper
November 09, 2020Fraction(Multiplication and division)Fraction(Multiplication and division)
November 06, 2020SpellingsSPaG Papers
November 05, 2020Fractions(Division)
November 03, 2020Book 1(Page 53)Book 1(Page 53)
November 02, 2020Fractions (Addition and Subtraction)Fractions (Addition and Subtraction)
October 23, 2020Red Book(Page 29-31)
October 22, 2020Decimal(+,-)Decimal(+,-)
October 20, 2020Fraction of Shaded Shape and Money ProblemRed Book(Page#27)
cheechooID-423 Progress Report