ID-441 Progress Report

Lesson Diary

DateClassworkHomeworkSubmittedCheckedGiven Back to Parents
October 21, 2020Adding Decimal NumbersAdding Decimal Numbers
December 05, 2020Percentages to Decimal
December 02, 2020Percentages
November 29, 2020Fractions, Percentages and SPaG Papers
November 25, 2020Decimals and English(Assessment(32%))
November 22, 2020Book 1(Page 49,51)Book 1(Page 49,51)
English Paper
November 15, 2020Multiplication FractionsMultiplication Fractions
November 14, 2020SentencesMultiplication Fractions
November 08, 2020Spelling Assessment and Correction
November 07, 2020Adding FractionAdding Fraction
November 01, 2020Percentages and sPaG CorrectionDecimal Division(Assessment)
October 31, 2020Decimal DivisionDecimal Division(Assessment)
October 28, 2020Red Book Assessment Page 30Spellings (Set 1,2 and 3)
October 25, 2020Decimal Division and sPaGDecimal Division and sPaG
October 24, 2020Decimal DivisionDecimal Division
cheechooID-441 Progress Report