ID-463 Progress Report

Lesson Diary

DateClassworkHomeworkSubmittedCheckedGiven Back to Parents
October 24, 2020Making Subject
November 29, 2020Angles in PolygonScience
November 28, 2020Unit 3Page(72-75)
November 22, 2020Page(64,65 and 66)Page(62 and 63)
November 21, 2020Science
November 15, 2020Expanding Triple Brackets
November 14, 2020AssessmentCompound and Mixtures(Assessment)
November 08, 2020Novel Writing and Compounds
November 07, 2020Basic Algebra
November 01, 2020AlgebraHistory of Atom
Men and Mice(Reading)
October 31, 2020Linear SequencesBook 2 (Unit 2 (Linear Sequences))
October 25, 2020School Test RevisionAngles in Triangle
cheechooID-463 Progress Report