ID-609 Progress Report

Lesson Diary

DateClassworkHomeworkSubmittedCheckedGiven Back to Parents
October 21, 2020Word ProblemsWord Problems
December 02, 2020Book 2 Assessment(64%)Negative and Positive Numbers Addition and Subtraction
November 29, 2020English and Math RevisionAssessment
November 25, 2020Page(31-61)Assessment(70%)Book 2 (Page 31-61)Assessment
November 22, 2020Book 1(Assessment(88%))Book 2 Assessment(Page 1-29)
November 18, 2020PercentagesRed Book Assessment
November 11, 2020Pie Chart and SequencesDrawing Triangle With Ruler And Protector
November 08, 2020Arithmetic Page Assessment(100%)
Comprehension Correction
November 05, 2020Area of ShapePast Papers
November 01, 2020Measurements AssessmentBook 2 (Page 51-53)
October 30, 2020Word ProblemsVocabulary
October 28, 2020SPaG(Page 1-30)Data Handling
October 25, 2020Decimal DivisionDecimal Division
cheechooID-609 Progress Report