ID-672 Progress Report

Lesson Dairy

DateClassworkHomeworkSubmittedCheckedGiven Back to Parents
October 20, 2020Comprehension( 2 Papers)Comprehension( 5 Papers)
December 05, 2020SPaG and Comprehensions
November 28, 2020Factors and Rounding DecimalsBook 1(Assessment)
November 24, 2020Co-ordinatesCo-ordinates
November 17, 2020English
Fractions (Assessment)
English Paper
November 14, 2020PercentagesBook 1(Assessment)
November 10, 2020Arithmetic Paper Assessment(100%)Comprehension Paper
November 07, 2020Decimal to Percentage
November 03, 2020Arranging FractionsBook 1(Page 1-20)Assessment
October 31, 2020Fractions and Assessment of Fractions(Multiplication and Division)Decimal to Fraction
October 24, 2020Fractions(Multiplication and Division)Fractions(Multiplication and Division)
cheechooID-672 Progress Report