SATs (Year 6) Comprehension Past Exam Papers

SATs (Year 6) Comprehension/Reading Past Exam Papers

YearComprehension (Paper 3)Reading Answer Booklet Mark Scheme 
2019The Park, Fact Sheet: About Bumblenbees & Music Box Answer Booklet Answer
2018The Giant Panda, Bear, Grannie and Albions`s DreamAnswer Booklet Answer
2017 Gaby to the Rescue. Swimming the English Channel. An Encounter at Sea.Answer Booklet Answer
2016Last Queen, Wild Ride & Way of the DodoAnswer Booklet Answer
SampleSpace Tourism Giants The Lost World Answer Booklet Answer
2015Level 3-5Charlie Small, Guide Dogs, California's Unlikely Warriors
Answer BookletAnswer
Level 6New WorldsAnswer bookletAnswer
2014Level 3-5The Humble Potato, Weird but wonderful. The Octopus, White FangAnswer BookletAnswer
Level 6Living With AnimalsAnswer bookletAnswer
2013Level 3-5Wolf PackAnswer BookletAnswer
Level 6Going The DistanceAnswer bookletAnswer
2012Level 3-5The Great PlagueAnswer bookletAnswer
Level 6Reflections On WaterAnswer bookletAnswer
2011Level 3-5Caves and CavingAnswer bookletAnswer
Level 6Man And MachineAnswer bookletAnswer
2010Level 3-5Golden DreamsAnswer bookletAnswer
2009Level 3-5No Place Like Home , The Earth ShipAnswer bookletAnswer
2008Level 3-5Rain and ShineAnswer bookletAnswer
2007Level 3-5On Dangerous GroundAnswer bookletAnswer
2006Level 3-5Heart BeatAnswer bookletAnswer
2005Level 3-5Travelling OnAnswer bookletAnswer
2004Level 3-5You Can Do ItAnswer bookletAnswer
2003Level 3-5To The RescueAnswer bookletAnswer
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